Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Seven Psychopaths

This film was disturbing, dark, and freaking nonsense. Real funny. Christopher Walkins was my favorite character. A screenwriter, having trouble finishing is screenplay about serial killing psychopaths, life is endangered when his dog napping friend pisses off a real psychopath when he steals his dog.

Also, this film only reminded me that I need to be working on my screenplay that I am putting off.  It's about a serial killer, but I am not trying to be around psychopaths like Colin's character. Hell no. Lol!

The Session update and New Horror Project

I have finished shooting my film "The Session." Pre-production was rough, Production was rougher. I had camera operators drop out, an actor drop out, an on set argument with some crew  and lack of resources. But I got it done. Now I must go through the love/hate of the editing process. When I checked out my dailies, I was both joyous and deeply...fraustrated. Dumb freaking mistakes were made in the few shots we took. I did not have much time to get the amount of coverage I desired, nor the resources to do a ton of takes. However, looking back. I wished I could have paid more attention to some things that I could have avoided. But hey, I wasn't the only person on set, no one else caught these dumb things. But I was the Director. Everything falls on me for the overall. Oh well, I can't do anything about it now. Hopefully, in Post, I can fix these mistakes or atleast cover them up.

I do have someone to create my score. I think I may also want an actual recored track for the end of credits.

Also, now I am preparing to be the Director of Photography on a classmate's horror film. I am excited for that but still nervous. I know how I feel about my project and wanting it to be perfect. I don't want to be the reason for my classmate's project for not turning out good. Things should be fine, I just need more confidence. I am trying to study her script and do the best I can. Lighting I have yet to master, but I guess I just have to think of it as paint and the scene is my canvas. Think of the tone, the mood that the director wants to convey and paint the shit out of it.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current Project

The Session: Pre-Production
I am currently working on a short film for my Film Production 2 course. This is my longest short I have done so far. I wrote up a dramatic script about a Therapist getting kidnaped by her dysfunctional clients. I am excited but a little nervous. I am broke. I hope I can get what I need with little to no budget and the film still comes out looking decent for a festival. I have locked down pretty much all my actors and I plan on having a table read this Saturday. We still need locations. I asked my cousin about using her house via text. Haven't heard anything yet. That is probably not going down, so I need another option. I am still working out how I want the overall film to look. It is a drama, so I want certain scenes to be dark and uneasing. We are shooting with a dslr hopefully. I still need crew. I hope I'll know who is on my crew this week. My shooting script is done so I need work with my dp about the visual and for me to work the shot list. My Producer can now breakdown the script and hopefully not break my penniless bank. I'm thinking pizza during productions and donuts in the morning, bump caterers.

New 2012 Reels

Briana La Trise
Writer and Director Reel 2012
Briana La Trise
Videography & Editing Reel 2012