Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Art Doc coming soon

My Art mini documentary I am working on for my documentary class. I am thinking about maybe making this into a little doc series if I have the time and can find people. You know anything to help my portfolio.

Fast Track

 This is video that parts of will be included in a short documentary me and my classmate are working on. I edited some footage together for the co-owner of Tunnel Vision Hoops to use for promotion.

March 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Film Festival and Filmmakers Panel

Last week I've attended the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival. It was a really cool experience, being my first film festival and all. I watched five really good films. I am thinking I may talk about those films here in my blog sometime in the future.

I really enjoyed the Q and As after the screening of the films. I wasn't brave enough to ask any questions, but I still took a lot from them. Learning from the directors experiences, their inspirations, their creative minds. I tell you what, the whole Q and A thing is not what I am looking forward to. That shit seems so nerve wracking. Especiallyfor me, I am shy and have a strong fear of public speaking. I don't know how I am going to be able to do that one day. -___- Lets worry about making a film Briana! Ha!

Last weekend, a filmmakers panel were held at my University for two days. I volunteered for one day, helped record the panels, had filmmakers sign release forms and gave out water. It was fun. Listening to the filmmakers talk about the industry was awesome. I wish able to engage in convo with some of them, but my self-consciousness is a bitch. Ugh. I know it is very important to network in this business, but for me, I guess the enviroment was too intense and fast pace. Filmmakers are constantly moving, speaking to someone it hard for someone like me who wants to engage, but withdraws when the pressure becomes too much. It felt like competition to try and grab their attention.I'm  not that aggressive. Plus, I suck at initiating, continuing and ending convo. Honestly, most of the time when I am speaking to someone, I rely on them to take the lead of the conversation. Um yep. Sad. But that is why I love My art speaks for me.