Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Current Project

The Session: Pre-Production
I am currently working on a short film for my Film Production 2 course. This is my longest short I have done so far. I wrote up a dramatic script about a Therapist getting kidnaped by her dysfunctional clients. I am excited but a little nervous. I am broke. I hope I can get what I need with little to no budget and the film still comes out looking decent for a festival. I have locked down pretty much all my actors and I plan on having a table read this Saturday. We still need locations. I asked my cousin about using her house via text. Haven't heard anything yet. That is probably not going down, so I need another option. I am still working out how I want the overall film to look. It is a drama, so I want certain scenes to be dark and uneasing. We are shooting with a dslr hopefully. I still need crew. I hope I'll know who is on my crew this week. My shooting script is done so I need work with my dp about the visual and for me to work the shot list. My Producer can now breakdown the script and hopefully not break my penniless bank. I'm thinking pizza during productions and donuts in the morning, bump caterers.

New 2012 Reels

Briana La Trise
Writer and Director Reel 2012
Briana La Trise
Videography & Editing Reel 2012