Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Heal, Short Film

Directed, Written, Shot and Edited by Briana La Trise

Heal is about a young man who is unsatisfied with his life and old wounds prevent him from making the changes he needs to be happy.

This was a class project for my Film Production 1 course. This project focuses on lighting and cinematic space. My second time shooting with a 16mm bolex film camera.
Starring Greg Papa/Crew memeber, Joe Borsuk and Amber Robertson

copyright 2012

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Project Stills

My final project for my Film Production 1 class. Short film "Sweetie" shot on digital.
The project focused on editing and actors performance.
My third project for my Film Production 1 class. Short film "Heal" shot on 16mm
bolex. The project focused on lighting and "mise en scene" or the use of space to convey

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crunch Time! Film student hard at work.

My fall semester is almost at an end. I have only two projects to complete before finals week. My third project in my film class I shot on the bolex. I have yet to recieved the footage, but I am hoping there is an image so I can begin editing and hopefully it will be chosen to be included in our school's bolex festival. I have started editing my final project which I've shot on video. I had some issues like not finding actors, I had to use classmates. Color and exposure issues that I hope for the most part to fix in post, but that is a difficult task when you have ocassionally forgotten to white balance. *rolls eyes* Oh and having to rush to get shots because of crew and actor's schedules and tardiness. But I guess this all comes with filmmaking...with no budget, and limited crew and resources.

Acting class. I feel like I am somewhat getting better, but I still have a lot to learn. We've done some acting infront of the camera where I have notice somethings about myself. I am starting to have a better voice, but I just need to control my tone better when entering my "given circumstances." I need to stay in character fully and commit. I tend to get out when feeling nervous or self-conscious. So that is something I must keep in mind when I have to perform a monologue in class next week probably. But I am not really taking this class to act, but to be able to direct actors and communicate with them better.

Some videography oppurtunities.
I helped someone film a concert band performance with a grammy winner pianist. I am hoping to recieve that footage to include in my portfolio.
I helped shoot an Open Mic Poetry show at a bar. I shot a member of the group, The Last Poets who recited some of his work. It was a pretty cool experience. This too I would like to use as well in my portfolio.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life of a film student

So my first film I've shot with a 16mm bolex was ok. It came back from being developed and I for one was just elated that an image appeared. I did have a bit of technical issues with my lighting but for the most part it was exposed pretty well. I am hoping I can fix it a bit in post so I can submit it to my campus film festival at the end of this semester. I shot a 2 30 minute short using the bolex. There is no editing allowed, so we had to shoot everything in chronlogically. Shot by shot. I am really hoping that turns out well. Especially since I can not remember if I switched the shutter speed from 15fps to 24fps after I load the camera. It would be my luck...0_o

Acting is going well. It is harder than it look, trust. I have a scene to work on with a partner due next week I believe.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Classes: Film Production 1 and Principles of Acting

This year, my second year studying film, I am taking my first film production course and Principles of Acting. I am very excited for both classes. So far, in film I had to write a 20-25 sec story for a short film we will be shooting on a 16mm bolex. I have never touched any film camera so I am very nervous. I hope that my crew and I are able to get a good image first time around. 0_o We have an exercise this coming week using the camera which is good. For that we have to write a 30 sec short using two actors. Everyone in our crew has 15 mins each to set up and shoot our films. Everyone taking turns being the director, dp, grip/gaffer, asst. director and actors.  For my 20s film, I am in a crew of 3 including me. I will direct, write, and edit my own project and help the others members with theirs as grip, gaffer and/or camera. Again I am excited.

As far as acting goes, It going well so far. We had one scene performance project due last Thursday. I performed/interpret a scene from Agnes of God, using only action and no dialogue. Just a 1-2 minute scene. The exercises that we do in class really help a lot. I am hoping this class will help me communicate with actors better and gain a better understanding of acting.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Color Correcting Test 1 (Incense)

So I wanted to practice and have a little fun with color correcting. Hence this test, but next time I would add some contrast.

Camera: Canon HD Vixia HF11 Camcorder
Software: Sony Vegas Pro 9

Music: Digable Planets "Jettin"

Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturday, June 30, 2012

My Photography

Growing Fast Photography-Briana La Trise

I am now selling my photography on FineArtAmerica.com. They will be available as gift cards, framed, art print as well as canvas and alcrylic.

Check it out here http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/briana-joneshamby.html

Yes, I am on my Creative hussle. lol!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Writer's Block

Writer's block sucks!!! I should  be writing scripts now. Maybe i'm lacking motivation....or inspiration. Now that I think about it, it is both. I wish I knew how to cope with writer's block. I've heard it is best to walk away from it for awhile. I've walked away and it has been months and I would like to finish what I've started. But I am lacking the desire. hmm.

I'm stuck in this funk!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

La Bree Xpressions

My Online Store will be available soon for creative t shirts and merchandise designs.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

On My List 2

By Ian Jeffrey

These photograpy books I feel will be good to have as a filmmaker. I want to improve my cinematic eye and what better way then to study images.

By Roberto Koch

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

El Flowious

El Flowious is a very talented muscian who helped me with two of my projects, Poetic Kill and My Art. He creates scores for film/video and his own music which his album Here for a Reason is available through his website www.elflowious.com. For anyone who needs scores or simply enjoys world/new wave type of music you should check him out.

My Art (Mini Doc)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My Art Doc coming soon

My Art mini documentary I am working on for my documentary class. I am thinking about maybe making this into a little doc series if I have the time and can find people. You know anything to help my portfolio.

Fast Track

 This is video that parts of will be included in a short documentary me and my classmate are working on. I edited some footage together for the co-owner of Tunnel Vision Hoops to use for promotion.

March 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Film Festival and Filmmakers Panel

Last week I've attended the 36th Cleveland International Film Festival. It was a really cool experience, being my first film festival and all. I watched five really good films. I am thinking I may talk about those films here in my blog sometime in the future.

I really enjoyed the Q and As after the screening of the films. I wasn't brave enough to ask any questions, but I still took a lot from them. Learning from the directors experiences, their inspirations, their creative minds. I tell you what, the whole Q and A thing is not what I am looking forward to. That shit seems so nerve wracking. Especiallyfor me, I am shy and have a strong fear of public speaking. I don't know how I am going to be able to do that one day. -___- Lets worry about making a film Briana! Ha!

Last weekend, a filmmakers panel were held at my University for two days. I volunteered for one day, helped record the panels, had filmmakers sign release forms and gave out water. It was fun. Listening to the filmmakers talk about the industry was awesome. I wish able to engage in convo with some of them, but my self-consciousness is a bitch. Ugh. I know it is very important to network in this business, but for me, I guess the enviroment was too intense and fast pace. Filmmakers are constantly moving, speaking to someone it hard for someone like me who wants to engage, but withdraws when the pressure becomes too much. It felt like competition to try and grab their attention.I'm  not that aggressive. Plus, I suck at initiating, continuing and ending convo. Honestly, most of the time when I am speaking to someone, I rely on them to take the lead of the conversation. Um yep. Sad. But that is why I love art...film. My art speaks for me.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I Am Briana La Trise

Hi, I am Briana La Trise. Filmmaker, Videographer, and Writer.I will showcase my work and discuss current projects I am working on.

Hobbies/Interest: photography, poetry, music, art, yoga, and watching movies.