Thursday, November 22, 2012

Crunch Time! Film student hard at work.

My fall semester is almost at an end. I have only two projects to complete before finals week. My third project in my film class I shot on the bolex. I have yet to recieved the footage, but I am hoping there is an image so I can begin editing and hopefully it will be chosen to be included in our school's bolex festival. I have started editing my final project which I've shot on video. I had some issues like not finding actors, I had to use classmates. Color and exposure issues that I hope for the most part to fix in post, but that is a difficult task when you have ocassionally forgotten to white balance. *rolls eyes* Oh and having to rush to get shots because of crew and actor's schedules and tardiness. But I guess this all comes with filmmaking...with no budget, and limited crew and resources.

Acting class. I feel like I am somewhat getting better, but I still have a lot to learn. We've done some acting infront of the camera where I have notice somethings about myself. I am starting to have a better voice, but I just need to control my tone better when entering my "given circumstances." I need to stay in character fully and commit. I tend to get out when feeling nervous or self-conscious. So that is something I must keep in mind when I have to perform a monologue in class next week probably. But I am not really taking this class to act, but to be able to direct actors and communicate with them better.

Some videography oppurtunities.
I helped someone film a concert band performance with a grammy winner pianist. I am hoping to recieve that footage to include in my portfolio.
I helped shoot an Open Mic Poetry show at a bar. I shot a member of the group, The Last Poets who recited some of his work. It was a pretty cool experience. This too I would like to use as well in my portfolio.

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