Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Life of a film student

So my first film I've shot with a 16mm bolex was ok. It came back from being developed and I for one was just elated that an image appeared. I did have a bit of technical issues with my lighting but for the most part it was exposed pretty well. I am hoping I can fix it a bit in post so I can submit it to my campus film festival at the end of this semester. I shot a 2 30 minute short using the bolex. There is no editing allowed, so we had to shoot everything in chronlogically. Shot by shot. I am really hoping that turns out well. Especially since I can not remember if I switched the shutter speed from 15fps to 24fps after I load the camera. It would be my luck...0_o

Acting is going well. It is harder than it look, trust. I have a scene to work on with a partner due next week I believe.

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