Saturday, September 8, 2012

Classes: Film Production 1 and Principles of Acting

This year, my second year studying film, I am taking my first film production course and Principles of Acting. I am very excited for both classes. So far, in film I had to write a 20-25 sec story for a short film we will be shooting on a 16mm bolex. I have never touched any film camera so I am very nervous. I hope that my crew and I are able to get a good image first time around. 0_o We have an exercise this coming week using the camera which is good. For that we have to write a 30 sec short using two actors. Everyone in our crew has 15 mins each to set up and shoot our films. Everyone taking turns being the director, dp, grip/gaffer, asst. director and actors.  For my 20s film, I am in a crew of 3 including me. I will direct, write, and edit my own project and help the others members with theirs as grip, gaffer and/or camera. Again I am excited.

As far as acting goes, It going well so far. We had one scene performance project due last Thursday. I performed/interpret a scene from Agnes of God, using only action and no dialogue. Just a 1-2 minute scene. The exercises that we do in class really help a lot. I am hoping this class will help me communicate with actors better and gain a better understanding of acting.

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